PRADA PRADA Canapa BN1872 Tote Bag Canvas Blue Women Used

SKU: R9062324

■ Product information
[Management number] R9062324
[Model number] BN1872
[Target] Women
[Color] Blue
[Model] Canapa
[Season / season] all season
[Size] W40cm x H24cm x D24.5cm
[Material] Canvas
[Specifications] Inside: interior zip pocket x 2, open pocket x 2
[Accessory] Guarantee Card
[Product description] The Tote Bag · Canapa is an open type with attractive, easy-to-see casual design and ease of use. If you remove the button on the side, you will be happy with the storage capacity and will hold the luggage more firmly than it looks. It is a refreshing impression with bright blue color. Purchased in July 2011 DFS PRADA PRADA

■ Condition · Condition
State rank
Rank AB This is a general USED product.
[Outside] Rank AB
It is a general USED product. There are some horns Rubbed, but others are good with no noticeable Scratch or Stain.
[Inside, Other]
Rank AB is a general USED product. There is some Rubbed, but the other is Stained and the condition is good.

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