1. Customers’ personal information such as name, email address, postal code, are only collected for browsing history at JP-BRANDS.com Website, consumer preferences, or identifying a specific individual. Personal information may be collected when the customers contact JP-BRANDS.com or inquire about the Website. In all above cases, personal information collected by JP-BRANDS.com is voluntarily provided by the customers. when a customer(s) provided his/her personal information to JP-BRANDS.com, he or she is giving his/her the authority to use the information in accordance with this Privacy Statement. JP-BRANDS.com will not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual concerned.
  2. If we directly acquire personal information concerning a customer that has been recorded in a written document, etc. from the customer, we will specify the purpose for which it will be used beforehand. If we directly acquire personal information from a customer verbally through another type of method, or if we acquire the personal information indirectly through publicly available information or from a person other than the customer himself/herself, etc.as well, we will notify or disclose the purpose of use.
  3. We will not supply any personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual concerned, except as permitted by law. With regard to individual numbers, we will not supply these to a third party even with the consent of the customer except as permitted by law.
  4. JP-BRANDS.com is able to gather IP address, domain name, browser type or other statistical information about the Website we operated whenever the customer access out website, however, we do not collect or analyze these data for any purpose.
  5. Our Website includes several links to outside sites, but we do not share personal information with these links. JP-BRANDS.com bears no responsibility whatsoever for the collecting of personal information conducted at the sites accessed by these links, and we strongly recommend that anyone accessing these sites refer to their respective privacy statements.
  6. To protect the valuable customer personal information registered on our Website, the Website uses a special server protected by a firewall security system, and we make every effort to prevent improper outside access and information leakage. Moreover, we conduct seminars on personal information protection inside and outside the company in order to improve our customer’s privacy control system further.
  7. The update of the Privacy Statement will be posted on the Website. Posting our latest Privacy Statement on our Website makes it possible to access privacy information and understand how we manage customer’s privacy. We encourage our customers to check the newest update about our Privacy Statement from time to time. Moreover, when we make use of personal information in a way that is different than stated when the information was first collected, we will post the details on our Website. Customers have the right to choose whether or not to approve of using personal information differently than when the information was first registered in the system.
  8. We will establish procedures for correcting and disclosing personal information of customers. We are also willing to receive opinions and inquiries regarding the handling of such personal information. We will continually review and improve our management systems to protect personal information.
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