LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere M51252 Shoulder Bag Monogram Canvas Brown Ladies Used

SKU: N9062273

■ Product information
[Management number] N9062273
[Brand] Louis Vuitton (LOUIS VUITTON)
[Model number] M51252
[Target] Women
[Color] Brown
[Model] Cartouchiere
[Season / season] all season
[Country of origin] France
[Production year] 1989
[Serial] 8912 SL
[Size] W23cm x H21cm x D7cm
[Material] Monogram Canvas
[Specifications] Retractable: Belt Hardware

[Accessory] None
[Product description] It is a Shoulder Bag that is easy to use the feeling of size without being too large or too small. The Shoulder strap is also soft and familiar with the skin.

■ Condition · Condition
State rank
Rank AB This is a general USED product.
[Outside] Rank AB
It is a general USED product. Although there is a crack in the belt hardware part and shoulder root part, there is no other prominent Stain and you can still use it.
[Inside, Other]
Rank AB is a general USED product. There is a pen mark on the flap, but there is no other fray, so you can still use it.

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