LOUIS VUITTON wallet M6324B Portonet Bie Vienova purse with a clasp Epi Leather purple Women Used

SKU: F1010897



Store Item No. F1010897
Item wallet
Type Portonet Bie Vienova /purse with a clasp
Pattern Number M6324B
Country of Manufacture France
Production year 2001
Serial MI0041
Size(CM) W13.5cm x H9cmx D3cm
Size(Inch) W5.3 x H3.5x D1.2inch
Color purple x purple
Material Epi Leather
Style wallet
come with None
maintenance Cleaned
Spec [Outside]purse with a clasp pocket x 1
[Inside]Card pocket x 4、Open pocket x 3
explanation This is the Louis Vuitton wallet. Purse with a clasp type deep banknote pocket that is convenient for taking out coins. Produce a casual sense of luxury by using Epi Leather. It is a classic popular model that is durable and can be used habitually for a long time.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: AB
Condition details It is a general USED product.,
Outside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. There is some rubberized, but it is not in a conspicuous state. In addition, there are no corners Rubberd or flay, so the condition is good.
Inside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. There are some Coin Pocket Stain, but the condition is good without any noticeable Stain or flay such as wallet or card pocket.

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