LOUIS VUITTON Handbag M51130 Alma PM Monogram canvas Brown Neon pink Women Used

SKU: F0036721



Store Item No. F0036721
Item Handbag
Type Alma PM
Pattern Number M51130
Country of Manufacture France
Production year 2004
Serial BA0014
Size(CM) W30cm x H23cm x D16cm
Handle Height:8cm
Size(Inch) W11.8 x H9.1 x D6.3inch
Handle Height:3.1
Color Brown Neon pink x Brown
Material Monogram canvas
Style Handbag
come with None
maintenance None
Spec [Inside]Open pocket x 2
explanation The classical design is fresh and sophisticated.
A stylish handbag with a cute fluorescent pink color. The double zipper opens wide to the bottom of both ends, so you can smoothly put in and take out luggage, and it is an item that is difficult to lose shape.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: AB
Condition details It is a general USED product. You can use it regularly for a long time.,
Outside Rank: AB
It is a beautiful USED product. * Professionally, the leather part is painted in fluorescent pink. (Refer to photograph) Other than fray and Stains, the condition is good.
Inside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. There are thin stains on the bottom of the side, but there is no stickiness etc. In addition, it can be used for a long time without any noticeable scratches or flay. * It has been cleaned.

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