HERMES Stall Pareo Lemon pattern cotton green Red Women Used

SKU: R0088858



Store Item No. R0088858
Item Stall
Type Pareo /Lemon pattern
Country of Manufacture France
Quality indication cotton 100%
Size(CM) 150cm x 175cm
Size(Inch) 59.1 x 68.9inch
Color green Red x green
Detailed remarks *There is a sense of sheerness.
Material cotton
Style Stall
come with None
explanation The essential item "HERMES" pareo is in stock now! You can change the gorgeous feeling with just one skirt or dress, and of course you can wrap it around your neck.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: A
Condition details It is a USED product almost unused. There is little usability and it is in a beautiful state.,
Outside Rank: A
It is a used product that is almost unused. There is no stain and it is in a beautiful state with little usability.
Inside Rank: A
* Home cleaning and ironing completed. Please note the folding Wrinkles accompanying shipping.

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