GUCCI Carry Bag 451001 suitcase GG Supreme Canvas/leather beige beige unisex Used

SKU: N1062906



Store Item No. N1062906
Item Carry Bag
Type suitcase
Pattern Number 451001
Country of Manufacture Italy
Serial 001998
Size(CM) W45cm x H66cm x D25cm
Handle Height:5.5cm
Size(Inch) W17.7 x H26.0 x D9.8inch
Handle Height:2.2
Color beige beige x Black x beige
Detailed remarks ・ Maximum up handle: 38 cm * Capacity: 33 L (Inner dimensions: H64 * W43 * D4.7 ") [Height does not include tires]
Material GG Supreme Canvasxleather
Style Carry Bag
come with key、Cadena、Clochette、Name tag
maintenance Cleaned
Spec [Outside]interior zip pocket x 1
[Inside]interior zip pocket x 1
explanation (GUCCI Gucci) luxury carry bag. It is a luxurious design using the popular GG Supreme canvas. * Two keys are included.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: A
Condition details It is a USED product near unused.,
Outside Rank: A
It is a USED product that is almost unused. There are fine rubbers that are difficult to convey in just a few photos, but they are in a beautiful state with little usability.
Inside Rank: A
It is a USED product almost unused. There is little usability and it is in a beautiful state.

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