CELINE Handbag 131703NAU Mini Boston Macadam enamel khaki Women Used

SKU: N01110130



Store Item No. N01110130
Item Handbag
Type Mini Boston Macadam
Pattern Number 131703NAU
Production year 2008
Size(CM) W36.5cm x H21cm x D14cm
Handle Height:20cm
Size(Inch) W14.4 x H8.3 x D5.5inch
Handle Height:7.9
Color khaki x khaki
Material enamel
Style Handbag
come with Guarantee card
maintenance None
Spec [Inside]Open pocket x 2
explanation CELINE handbag that looks like brown or khaki due to the reflection of light. The iconic Silver plate adds elegance to the Plats Inside design! * Purchased at Takashimaya Kyoto store in June 2008.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: AB
Condition details It is a general USED product.,
Outside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. There are cracks in the enamel material on the surface of the handle, but there is no problem in using it. In addition, there is no noticeable Stain or flay and the condition is good.
Inside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. There is fine enamel peeling on the inside near the fastener and minor stain on the inside side, but there is no noticeable stains or flay, and it is in good condition.

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