CHANEL pumps COCO Mark leather beige Women Used

SKU: N0099578



Store Item No. N0099578
Item pumps
Type COCO Mark
Country of Manufacture Italy
Size(CM) Shoe size(JP):13138cm
Shoe width:7.5cm
Heel height:6cm
Size(Inch) Shoe size(JP):13138cm
Shoe width:3.0inch
Heel height:2.4inch
Color beige x beige
Detailed remarks Notation size: 36.5C
Material leather
Style pumps
come with Storage box、storage bags
maintenance None
explanation CHANEL pumps with a gold metal plate logo on the back side. The calculated and nudie beige color is feminine, elegant and feminine style. It is a gem that can be called a work of art that is particular about making your feet look beautiful.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: AB
Condition details It is a general USED product.,
Outside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. There are small scratches on the heel and fine minor stains on the whole, but they are not in a noticeable state. You can still wear it without major damage.
Inside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. * There is Rubberd on the outsole. The heel (top lift) is being replaced. See photo

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