CHANEL Carry Bag A69910 COCO Mark tweed/leather Black Black Women Used

SKU: F1114283



Store Item No. F1114283
Item Carry Bag
Type COCO Mark
Pattern Number A69910
Country of Manufacture Italy
Serial 22154178
Size(CM) W36cm x H46cm x D20cm
Size(Inch) W14.2 x H18.1 x D7.9inch
Color Black Black x white x Black
Detailed remarks * Capacity: 27L (Inner dimensions: H42 * W35 * D7.5 ") [Height does not include tires]
Material tweedxleather
Weight 4090g
Style Carry Bag
come with Guarantee card、Serial seal、Name tag
maintenance Cleaned
Spec [Inside]interior zip pocket x 2
explanation It is a carry bag of CHANEL. The tweed material is a design with a sense of elegance and luxury that is typical of Chanel. Recommended size for 1 to 2 nights. * Purchased at Odakyu Omotesando store in April 2016.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: A
Condition details It is a very beautiful USED product.,
Outside Rank: A
It is a very beautiful USED product. There are small scratches on the wheels, but there is no stain etc. and it is in a beautiful state.
Inside Rank: A
It is a very beautiful USED product. The pockets are clean without stains, and it is in a beautiful state with little usability.

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