Christian Dior wallet MC0967 Canage Nylon/leather Black Women Used

SKU: F1021394



Store Item No. F1021394
Brand Christian Dior
Item wallet
Type Canage
Pattern Number MC0967
Country of Manufacture Spain
Production year 1999
Size(CM) W11.5cm x H10cmx D2cm
Size(Inch) W4.5 x H3.9x D0.8inch
Color Black x Black
Material Nylonxleather
Style wallet
come with Storage box、storage bags、Guarantee card
maintenance Cleaned
Spec [Inside]Open pocket x 2、Button snap pocket x 1、Card pocket x 5
explanation [Christian Dior] It is a purse of the popular canage now. Inside design color is also a point. It's simple, but it has a luxurious design.

Condition Rank

Total Rank: AB
Condition details It is a general USED product.,
Outside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. It is in a beautiful state without any noticeable Stain or Stains.
Inside Rank: AB
It is a general USED product. Since there are few Coin Pocket Stain and there is no Peel etc., it is a good item of the state.

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